How to Activate BMO Credit Card

Have you approved for a Bank of Montreal Credit Card? Activate the new card that arrived in the mail over the web and sign up for online banking to manage the card account electronically anytime anywhere. After activation, you can start using your BMO Credit Card. And after creating that BMO Credit Card Online Account, you can check balance, pay bills, transfer money, and much more. With this, you will have more control over your credit card and a better understanding and insight about using it.

BMO Online Banking Features & Benefits

After registering and signing in to the BMO Online Banking, you can securely and conveniently access and manage your BMO Credit Card whenever you want. Like you can

  • Check transactions, spending, and payment history
  • Monitor your card activities
  • Check your cash back or rewards balance
  • Lock or unlock your BMO Credit Card
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Pay bills monthly or set up auto-pay
  • Free 24/7 CreditView access with no impact on the Credit Score
  • Dispute a transaction and reset the PIN
  • Helpful alerts and financial insights etc.

Besides Online Banking, you can download BMO Mobile Banking App from the App Store or Google Play and access all these features on the go.

Activate Your BMO Credit Card Online

Bank of Montreal will mail you your new BMO Credit Card if you are approved for it after applying. The card will reach you in a plain envelope for security purposes so watch for it in the mail. Then, you can easily activate the card by calling the number back on it or online in a few simple steps like listed here.

  • Visit the BMO Credit Card Online Activation page at
  • Enter the 16-digit Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code.


Activate BMO Credit Card Online


  • Click the “Next” button to continue the Process.


Once your identity is confirmed and you provide all the required details you will be asked for, your BMO Credit Card will be activated and ready for use.

How to Sign Up for BMO Online Account Access

As a BMO Credit Card user, you can register with BMO Online Banking to have the digital features and security at your fingertips. It will enable you to keep track of your credit card account online and provide your financial health a boost. To enroll in BMO Online and Mobile Banking, you can

  • Visit the main BMO Personal Banking website,
  • Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page Register a new card for online banking select Credit Card.
  • Hit the “Next” button on the ‘Get started with online and mobile banking page.
  • Enter your 16-digit BMO Credit Card Number, and Expiration Date, from the card in their fields.
  • Type the 3-digit Credit Card Validation Number found on the back of your card.


Sign Up for BMO Credit Card account


  • Click “NEXT” to continue to create a password and set up challenge questions and answers.

You may also be asked some additional security questions during signing up for Online Banking. Complete all these appropriately to establish your BMO Online Banking Account.

How to Log In BMO Credit Card Online Account

Once you are registered for BMO Online Banking, you can manage your BMO Credit Card Account 24/7 over the web. For that, you have to log in to your BMO Online Banking Account that you can do in the following way.

  • Access to click the “Login” button from the top right corner and select “BMO Credit Card” from the list.
  • Or, you can directly visit the BMO Online Banking Login Portal at
  • Enter your BMO Credit Card Number in the first field in the ‘Sign in to Online Banking’ box.
  • Select the “Remember my card” checkbox if you want the info to be saved by the device for your use of this site in the future. It will make your sign-in process faster and easier.
  • Input the password you created while registering for BMO Online Banking.
  • Click the “Continue” button to access your BMO Credit Card online account.

How to Reset for BMO Online Account Login Password

The existing BMO Online Banking members, as well as the new BMO Credit Cardholders who have signed up for online access, can reset their login password. So, if you have a BMO Online Banking Account but you cannot remember its password, you will need to

  • Click the “Forgot your password?” link under the entry field on the Bank of Montreal Online Banking Sign-In page
  • Enter the 16-digit number from the front of your BMO Credit Card
  • Click the “CONTINUE” button to answer your BMO Online Banking challenge questions.

If your responses match the data on your profile, BMO will send you a password resetting link to set a new password and regain your BMO Online Banking Account Access.


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Contact Information

BMO Customer Service Number: 1-844-837-9228

To report your lost or stolen BMO Credit Card call 1-800-361-3361

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