How to Pay Your OUC Bill

How to Pay OUC Bill

There are a lot of payment options available to pay your OUC bill. You can choose to follow any payment method to make the payment for your electric bill.

Pay OUC Bill via Online Method

  • Make payment for the OUC bill through the online payment option. But, before start making a payment, register your account first. If you already completed the registration, then follow these steps:
  • You need to go to this link
  • On the homepage of OUC, there will be a login section.
  • You need to provide your Username and Password on the respective fields.


OUC Bill Pay Login


  • After providing your log in details, simply select the Log In button.
  • Then, follow the steps further to make your utility bill payment.

Pay OUC Bill by AutoPay

  • You can also enroll in the AutoPay program. Which will automatically draft your monthly bill from your bank account or credit card. Here you don’t have to remember the payment date each month. There will be no late payment or service instructions for non-payment. To enroll for AutoPay, you need to follow these steps:
  • Simply visit this link
  • Then, on the provided field, input the Username and Password.
  • After providing your log-in details, select the log-in button.
  • After that, follow the steps further to set up the AutoPay program.

Pay OUC Bill by Mail

You can send your payment check or money order by mail. You have to send your payment stub to OUC. As the mail payment option takes time to process, so send your payment stub prior to the due date. You can send your payment stub to this address below:

PO Box 31329
Tampa, FL 33631-3329

Pay OUC Bill by Phone

Users can also pay the OUC bill over the phone. You can pay your utility bill through an automated phone system. If you live in Orlando/Orange, then call at 407-423-9018. If you are living in Osceola County/St. Cloud, call at 407-957-7373. You need to follow the automated call service to make your payment. This automated phone service is available

Pay OUC Bill in Person

Make payment for the OUC bill in person. Make the payment using a money order, cash, or personal check. To pay your utility bill, find any of your nearest payment locations. You follow these steps to find your nearest payment locations. You need to visit this link, to find out the payment locations.


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