Your guide to creating a social media policy

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Social media is officially part of the business environment.

Your customers expect you to be active online and available to answer any questions they have and your employees are already visiting social channels on a daily basis. 47% of employees now use social networks to connect with customers. This is a number that’s consistently growing thanks to trends like omnichannel customer service and employee advocacy.

Unfortunately, in a world where everyone is connected, one poorly timed, or poorly worded message could destroy your brand reputation.

Giving your staff free reign over their social media presence puts your entire company at risk. Yet, while Pew Research Center suggests that 74% of adults are on social media, it also indicates that 73% of companies lack a social media policy.

It’s time to fix the gap.

What is a company social media policy?

A social media policy is your business code of conduct, letting people in your organization know how to act on social media.

Many organizations make the mistake of waiting until they’ve already faced a PR disaster to put a policy in place. However, setting a strategy up in advance protects you from dealing with those problems, to begin with.

A well-crafted social media policy:

  • Defends against security risks and
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