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Reese’s Go for Three!  Here’s How to Enter

  • Participants will need a code to sign up for the promotion
  • The promotion provides codes with purchase or for free
  • Participants can review an online copy of the Official Rules

It’s that time of year again.  While it may seem a bit odd, the end of the college basketball season usually coincides with an outpouring of new sweepstakes.  For example, Hersey’s 2019 Reese’s March Madness Instant Win Game is now in full swing and is set to award more than 4,000 lucky winners with a box of Reese’s 3 packs.  Those who like the idea of taking a bite of a FREE peanut butter cup can enter by purchasing any Reese’s candy product.  Once the participant purchases the product they can text a copy of the purchase receipt to receive a code that can be used to enter at the online registration page.

More on the Reese’s Go for Three Promotion

  • The contest lasts over 2 months from February 4th, 2019 to April 8th, 2019
  • There is a limit of 1 game play per person per day (try to max out those odds!)
  • Each prize of the 4,572 prizes is a box of 40 Reese’s 3 packs (that’s 120 cups!)
  • The total
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