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My Life at Kroger:  How to Begin

  • Current associates have a separate login that other users
  • Also available to retirees, spouses, COBRA, and severance
  • Kroger corporate contact information is available

Taking care of one’s Total Rewards is an important act that should demand anytime access from a computer, smart phone, and even a tablet (or pretty much anything else with an internet connection).  Fortunately, on demand access from an internet connected device is exactly what My Life at Kroger offers.  Current associates who need to get into the portal can begin by selecting the appropriate description from the drop down box.  Once selected, a new page will appear where the login can be completed by entering an Enterprise ID along with an account password.  In the event access cannot be achieved due to a lost or forgotten ID or password, the link posted at the right hand side of the login fields can be clicked for assistance.

Who else can use My Life at Kroger?

  • Spouses or Domestic Partners – Of current associates at Kroger of course
  • Retirees – Take a break from the easy life and check out the Total Rewards
  • Severance – Easy management of benefits received in a severance package
  • COBRA – For those who need
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