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Important Information About the Co-Pay Novartis Pharma Savings Card

  • Savings can be applied to variety of medications
  • Terms & Conditions apply to the savings offer
  • Toll-free phone number can be called for support

Most would likely agree that saving on out of pocket expenses is a good thing no matter which way you slice it.  Therefore, those who rely on a medication from Novartis Pharma should be thrilled with the company’s prescription co-pay savings program that helps patient save on a variety of different prescriptions.  Access to the program can be initiated by going to the Co-Pay Novartis Pharma card activation page and selecting one of the available medications (a whopping 20 different medications are available to choose from).  Once the appropriate medication has been located within the list it can be clicked to proceed to a new page where the co-pay savings card can be downloaded and registered.  Those who want to go over the fine print associated with the savings offer can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the Co-Pay Novartis Pharma card activation page and reading the information found under the Terms & Conditions section.

A Look Into the Terms & Conditions

  • The offer is only available to those with commercial insurance and a valid
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