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Entering the Ajilon My Info Portal

  • New users can create an account to gain access
  • Credential recovery is available for existing users
  • Toll-free portal support phone number is available

The amount of instant support and online portal provides is likely the biggest concern of those who rely on it.  With the being said, users of the Ajilon My Info portal should have any and all concerns eased after taking a look at the amount of support options provided at the portal’s login screen.  Those who require new access to an account can begin by clicking the Create Account link and entering a last name along with a verification method.  It should be noted that W2 or T4 employees should select SSN for verification while contractors should choose the Vendor/Contractor ID option.  Once the account has been successfully created the Ajilon My Info portal can be entered by typing in a User ID and password prior to clicking the Sign In button.  Those who prefer to enter using a different language from the one shown on-screen can do so by clicking the links found under the Select a Language section.

A Look at Ajilon

  • Has recruiters and staffing specialists in 60 offices throughout the United States
  • Account Principals, Inc.
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