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Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey

Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey- Method to participate

Cicis Pizza is an American fast-food chain restaurant headquartered in Texas. Texas gave some awesome delectable jewels in terms of fast food. Cicis is one of the yummy points that changed the whole dining experience with their uniqueness. Cicis was founded in the year 1965. Right now, you will find more than 440 restaurant chains including franchises all over the USA. Cicis is famed for offering a sumptuous buffet-style menu. And each bite is worth melting for! The buffet consists f assortment of pizza, soup, dessert, pasta, and salad. Among other restaurants, what makes Cicis stand out from other restaurants is their ability to pick up the right combo and selection with each assortment!

A word about Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey

With a buffet starting at $5.99, Cicis gives you the chance to earn a free special buffet menu! No, you do not need to participate in some complicated dare game to win. You need to participate in an exclusive Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey. Designed to take a transparent view in customer service, you can now take this survey to hit tow aims at one go! First, you are assisting in improvising the service and quality of Cicis by giving your opinion. Second, you are clearing your way to enjoy a Tasty ride of Buffet Menu free! Read on to know the way to platter!

Rules and Regulations to participate in Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Participants must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Participants must have made a successful transaction with the nearest Cicis outlet.

What do you require to participate?

After paying the bill, keep the Purchase receipt positive. The info located on the receipt would be your key to enter the survey. Also after completing the survey, the redeem code is required to be written on the receipt.

Start participating-Step by step

  • Open the browser. Go to the guest satisfaction survey portal directly at www.tellcicis.com
  • If you are comfortable in English, select the English tab on the left. Spanish speakers may choose the Espanol tab at the right.
  • From the purchase receipt, enter the following info:
  1. Location Number.
  2. Date of Visit.
  3. Time of Visit.
  • Select Start.

Cicis Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Read the instructions given. Select the Begin Survey tab.
  • You will be redirected to the survey questionnaire page.
  • Questions are mainly multiple choices, where you need to answer in either affirmative, neutral or negative. Some of the questions also ask you to give a rating based on the scale of service provided. Under a few questions, you need to give a small comment or feedback regarding any improvisation or concern. Questions are mainly based on the following topics:
  1. Type of Dining Experience you opted for.
  2. Recent experience at Cicis.
  3. Friendliness and greetings.
  4. Availability of food items as per the menu.
  5. Variety of pizzas.
  6. Variety of Salads.
  7. Quality of food.
  8. Cleanliness and hygiene.
  9. Faced any concern.
  10. Likely to return and recommend Cicis.
  • After answering one page, keep on clicking Next.
  • Finally, after answering all the questions successfully, you will be directed to a Thank You page.
  • Redeem Code will be displayed.
  • Write down the code correctly in the space provided on the receipt.

With the code, you have completed your survey.

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Prize Info:

  • On your next visit, bring the receipt with the ode written and show it to the counter while placing the order.
  • Come back to the table with freshly prepared Buffet Lunch!

Contact Customer Care of Cicis


  • Visit www.cicis.com/contact-us
  • Choose if you want to provide feedback on a restaurant or general service.
  • Enter the details of the visit date and timing.
  • Enter your personal information
  • Select the mode via which Cicis can correspond with you.
  • Select the type of experience from the dropdown category.
  • Enter your concern, comment or feedback in detail.

General Contact Number

Dial 1 (972) 745-4200 and talk directly to Cicis Pizza Customer Service Representatives.

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