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The exact way to redeem EuropaCorp promotional code

EuropaCorp is a leading film and television production studio, founded in 1999 by Luc Besson, acclaimed director, producer and screenwriter of French cinemas. The principle studio of EuropaCorp is based in Saint-Denis, the northern suburban area of Paris. Started as the prolific French movie production, EuropaCorp has now become the forefront in producing enriched English language as well as international films.

EuropaCorp- A legacy

The company prides itself on producing the top eight films among France’s 20 highest-grossing films all the time since the year 2000. Films are highly appreciated by the national as well as the international audiences for its versatility and acceptance rate. Till now the company has produced 160 French films and 110 English language films. It also holds more than 500 English and French language title catalogs.

EuropaCorp is involved in the global activities expediting the holistic chain of film making:

  • Production.
  • Theatrical Distribution.
  • Sales of VOD and Video.
  • Partnership.
  • Licensing.
  • Soundtrack publishing.
  • International Sales.
  • Television Sales.

Unlike other production houses, EuropaCorp is directly responsible for managing both the production and distribution process. Right now, EuropaCorp is focused on producing highly anticipated television series and television movies for online streaming platforms as well as TV channels.

EuroCorp- Synonym of Entertainment

Here is a list of internationally acclaimed productions from the house of EuropaCorp


  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.
  • Coexist.
  • Sparring.
  • Renegades.
  • Carbon.
  • Bad Buzz
  • Room (H)sites.
  • The Warriors Gate.
  • Miss Sloane.
  • Shut In.
  • Nine Lives


  • Taken-Season 2.
  • A Bright Blue Sky.
  • The Crimson Rivers.

And many more!

Subscribe to news and updates

To get the earliest news on the latest release, production and upcoming venture, you can subscribe to the newsletter of EuropaCorp. Amaze your friends by knowing about the latest updates on your favorite movies and series. Refer these steps to subscribe:

  • Visit www.europacorp.com
  • Scroll down to Subscribe to our newsletter section.
  • Type your email address.


  • Click on OK.

You have successfully subscribed to the latest newsletter, updated news, and activities of EuropaCorp. In case, you do not hear from EuropaCorp, you can always check the Spam/Junk folder. Move the email to the Primary Inbox. You will receive it in your primary inbox hereafter.

Get attractive discounts on EuropaCorp movies

If you are a fan o EuropaCorp movies and series, you deserve a reward to make your viewing experience more fun! Get attractive discounts on the purchase of the DVD, Blue Ray with exclusive promotional codes. Promo Codes can be found inside the DVD and Blue Ray package of EuropaCorp productions. On redeeming the code, you will be eligible to get attractive discounts or cashback on your next movie ticket or next DVD/Blue Ray Purchase of EuropaCorp productions. You can also win assured gifts or discounts at the dining place, shopping mall and many more.

Eligibility of redeeming Promo Code

  • Participants must be legal citizens of the United States of America. Promo Code does not apply to the residents of Canada or Mexico.
  • The offer code is valid only in the US. Make sure the code must be redeemed within the US territory.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years or older.

Steps to redeem the code

  • Open your browser and visit www.europacorp.com
  • Under REDEEM YOUR REDEMPTION CODE HERE field, enter the promo code from inside the cover of DVD or Blue-ray cover.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Subsequently, keep on following the instructions to get your rewards.

Carefully follow the instructions offered, terms and conditions to utilize the benefits fully.

Contact Centre of EuropaCorp

Mailing Address

  • France:

Cité du Cinéma, 20 rue Ampère,
93413 Saint Denis Cedex

  • USA:

345 N Maple Dr,
Beverly Hills, CA 90210,
United States

Contact Number

Dial +1 310 205 0255 during business hours. (EuropaCorp USA).


To write an email to Investor Relations, mail at, investors@europacorp.com.

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