Why You Should Stop Hunting for Social ROI

Content Marketing

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In the social marketing world, our unrelenting hunt for ROI stems from fear. The fear is that there is one definition of ROI for social media, but we’re just not advanced enough to know about it. If we haven’t found it yet, it’s coming. And we’d better be here to catch it when it does show up.

I’m here to tell you the fear is unwarranted. Now put on a face mask and take a hot bath, or whatever you do for fun. I don’t know, I’m in my thirties—that’s about as fun as it gets.

Social marketers have goals, contribute to their businesses in ways big and small, and achieve results that would be impossible without social media, including a proximity to and understanding of their organization’s core audiences and their needs.

From strategizing and scheduling social media campaigns, to translating campaigns across multiple social channels, each with their own levers, idiosyncrasies, and evolutions, to standing on the front lines of audience interaction, the social marketer’s primary role is to drive brand awareness and cultivate community.& The goal is to increase the number of people who know about you and keep your brand top-of-mind (in a good way) among those who already

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