[WEBINAR] Understanding (& Overcoming) Content Gaps in Adobe & Google Analytics


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Effectively measuring content marketing and building strategy off of that data is an industry-wide challenge.& While traditional site analytics tools such as Adobe and Google Analytics are important for understanding website health, they were not designed for content marketing performance measurement. Relying solely on these tools without customization for content marketing reporting can result in misleading, and often inaccurate, strategy information due to their content limitations.&

In this webinar, NewsCred’s VP of Marketing Analytics & Insights, Liam Moroney, will unveil how to surface reliable content marketing analytics. You’ll learn:

  • The key elements of site analytics that provide misleading data about the performance of your content
  • How and why these metrics impact your content marketing program strategy
  • Remedies and tactics you can take to ensure that you compensate for these data pitfalls&


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