Updated: Prepare to say goodbye to Facebook ad set budgets

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Update: This story was updated on February 8 based on revisions and clarifications Marketing Land received from Facebook.

Facebook announced on Wednesday, starting in September, new and existing campaigns will be migrated to Facebook’s automated campaign budget allocation system that optimizes the campaign budget across an advertiser’s ad sets. Advertisers will have limited control over budgets at the ad-set level, only able to set minimum and maximum spend limits.

Since the publication of this story on February 5, Facebook revised its Campaign Budget Optimization Migration announcement. Facebook’s original announcement reported that advertisers would no longer be able to define budgets at the ad-set level.

Why you should care

Facebook advertisers are currently able to set budgets by ad set within a campaign, but, starting in September, when ad campaigns migrate to campaign budget optimization, advertisers will only be able to set minimum and maximum spend limits at the ad-set levels. Facebook says that advertisers will set one central campaign budget for all ad sets, and it will “automatically and continuously” distribute budgets in real-time to top performing ads.

The change will apply to existing campaigns as well, so if you have long-term or evergreen campaigns with specific budgets and performance expectations at the ad set-level, start

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