Twitter tips for small businesses

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As a small business owner, you only have so much time to focus on social media. Marketing is rarely given full-time focus in a small business. Instead, it’s wrapped up into other necessary coverage like sales, content development and design.

Where do you draw the line of knowing what’s necessary and what’s not? In this guide, we’ll provide a selection of Twitter tips all geared for a small business.

To get an overall understanding of using social media as a small business, check out our thorough guide here.

Is Twitter useful for small businesses?

So is Twitter useful for small businesses? The answer is that it depends on your industry, your audience and your available resources. Twitter’s own study explored their audience’s behavior and how it impacts brands.

It found that Twitter users, compared to the general online population, were more likely to discover new things, were more open-minded and they like being the first to try new things.

influence study

In addition, when it came to products and services, Twitter users in the US had a positive influence index across most demographics and topics. So if your small business’ target audience fits within Twitter demographics, then it’s probable that Twitter could be useful for you. You’ll be

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