The top 12 Instagram tips your brand needs to act on

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If you’ve been sleeping on Instagram, now’s the perfect time to capitalize on the platform’s current boom.

Over a billion active users and counting. New features and functions for business being rolled out on a regular basis.

The hype is real.

However, the ever-changing& Instagram algorithm is proving to be a challenge for brands looking to maximize their engagement.

And while& the change in reach isn’t as significant as Facebook’s recent updates, this is a prime opportunity to double-check that you’re following Instagram’s best practices.

That’s why we put together this list of Instagram tips to ensure that your presence isn’t stuck in 2010. Whether you’re totally new to the platform or want to double-check that you’re running your Instagram by the book, all of these tips deserve your attention.

1. Optimize your bio

Businesses often obsess over their photos and captions so much that they forget about one of the most important pieces of their Instagram profile.

That is, their bio.

Your Instagram bio represents some seriously valuable real estate. From funneling visitors to your promotions to serving as a call to action, there’s a ton that& brands can do in just a few words.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you can include in your bio regardless

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