The complete guide to social media and the beauty industry

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Social media and the beauty industry go hand in hand.

After all, beauty brands represent many of the most-followed, active accounts on Instagram in particular.

And as it should come as no surprise, those same brands are making a killing having mastered the art of social selling.

Rabid, engaged followers that are more than happy to spend. What more could a brand want?

Of course, the opportunities for beauty brands also signal just how competitive and cutthroat the space can be.

And while there’s plenty of attention to go around on social media for beauty brands, creating that sort of devoted, cult-like following requires careful attention to detail.

That’s why we’ve broken down the in’s and out’s of social media and the beauty industry for brands looking to stake their claim. From content ideas to techniques to streamline your social presence, we’ve got you covered.

Content ideas for social media and the beauty industry

Marketing for beauty brands affords a ton of creative freedom. Not only are brands encouraged showcase

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