The complete guide to creating a Black Friday social media strategy

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Black Friday is around the corner. Brands are gearing up for the infamous day that they’ll go from operating in the red& to black (if you didn’t know—that’s how the day got its name). Since its inception, social media has played a significant role in Black Friday advertising. In this post, we’ll explore how you can win this year with a killer Black Friday social media strategy.

Plan ahead

This year alone, 51% of retailers plan to spend the same amount on their ad spend, while 48% plan to increase their spend. In fact, digital ad spend is expected to exceed 23 billion dollars this year from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

First thing’s first, you need to plan ahead. Now is the time to get your creative in order, take stock of what’s been successful for you this year (metrics-wise), and think about how you’re going to stand out in a swarm of other Black Friday ads.

Encourage opt-ins and new followers

You can get going now with your strategy by engaging with new potential followers and email subscribers. You might use an early-bird special to entice users to follow a social account, or to opt in to your email newsletter for a special

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