Storytelling on Social Media: How to Do It Better

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The most common problem that brands have marketing themselves on social isn’t rooted in product strength or the quality and structure of marketing plans. It’s that we’re failing at the social media storytelling game. We’re not answering these questions clearly and specifically:

  • Who is my “built for you”? Who is my audience?
  • How do I get my idea into my audience’s head?& And which tools do I need to understand them better?
  • How do I change the way my audience thinks?& How do we prompt a pivot?
  • How do I change the way my audience behaves (ahem, buys)?& How do we prompt desired behavior after we’ve changed their minds?

These are great questions to surface during your next campaign planning session. To change the way your audience behaves, no matter what your goal is as a brand, you must change the way they feel and think.

Get to Know Your Audience Better

Many brands fall into the trap of choosing too broad an audience.& My first tip here is to get as specific as possible with your& marketing personas.& Social listening solutions& can help you do this.

Social Media Personas

The more targeted an audience you have, the easier and more effective your work as a social marketer will be.

Once you’ve

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