Step up your email personalization game

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Many brands struggle to move beyond basic personalization tactics such as the use of the recipient’s first name. In fact, only 37 percent of consumers say that the personalization they receive from marketers is adequate, according to a new Yes Marketing study. (my employer) [registration required]

On top of that, consumers see more and more emails in their inboxes every day. About 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017, and experts predict that figure will grow to almost 320 billion daily emails by 2021.

If the survey numbers weren’t enough, the sheer volume of emails in consumer inboxes should motivate you to step up your email personalization game. Your competitors are already out there making it happen. Now is the time to stop procrastinating on personalization and figure out how you can keep your customers excited to see (or better yet, look for) your email among a sea of needy brands.

5 personalization strategies to try today

Before we dive into personalization strategies that can give your email marketing program a competitive edge, it’s important to touch on “why” the strategies below are powerful. While it sounds simple, all of these strategies focus on relevancy. Timing, location, and behavior in

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