Snapchat partners with 4 news discovery platforms to help push content beyond the app

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Snapchat is partnering with Storyful, NewsWhip, SAM Desk and Tagboard — all news-focused platforms used by journalists and media organizations — to open up news-related content for wider distribution.

Using Snapchat’s Story Kit API — which makes it possible to embed publicly shared Snapchat Stories on websites outside of the app — the Snapchat partnership means each of the four platforms will be able to access and distribute news content posted within the app.

From a Snapchat spokesperson:

Starting today Storyful, NewsWhip, SAM Desk and Tagboard will be able to use our Story Kit integrations to access, and distribute publicly shared Snapchat content to the thousands of newsrooms and storytellers they collectively reach. Snapchat content will then be featured and searchable within each partner[‘s] respective products. Journalists will be able to use these platforms to get alerts, search for relevant topics or locations, and to save searches for future use.

In addition to news content shared on Snapchat, the four platforms will also have access to content shared on the app’s Discover channels that include editorial content from a select group of media organizations — such as NBC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NowThisNews and The Economist — along with

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