Paid social requires sharpening your blade in 2019

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Something that never fails to shock me is how much things change from one year to the next in paid social.

Things we evangelized a year ago were either: in their infancy (using Facebook ads as a sales funnel instead of only bottom of funnel) or they were at peak maturation (setting and forgetting your ads for conversions and getting stellar results). There was almost nothing in-between.

Cutthroat creative makes a comeback

Consumer attention spans are low, out of necessity. Prolific levels of advertising volume cause users to protect their attention, saving it only for more remarkable things that connect with them quickly. Throwing more ad dollars at more impressions will never solve that problem, which leaves a lot of brands examining their budget and outputs for 2019.

What is already happening (and, indeed, is what I think must) is a circling-back of sorts to a creative focus. While no one has ever doubted the importance of creative, everything in paid social was new and fresh, so it didn’t have to be thought about as much.


The gimmicks have been found and exploited. Tired copy tropes, shaky UGC video and all its ilk, wrung every last drop of out of easier, low-budget shortcuts.

Clients are frustrated

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