IAB Tech Lab releases final version of VAST 4.1 that incorporates ‘unprecedented’ level of feedback


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Amit Shetty of the IAB Tech Lab

Amit Shetty, senior product director of video & audio of the IAB Tech Lab, made the announcement

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab released final specs Thursday for its digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST ). VAST 4.1 incorporates what the organization says was an “unprecedented” amount of feedback collected during the public comment period, which started in June.

VAST is one of three specs for in-stream video ad formats in the IAB Tech Lab’s Digital Video Suite, or VSUITE. Like VAST, VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) was initially released in 2008; Video Multi-Ad Playlist (VMAP) was added in 2012. The three specs can be used separately or in some combinations.

Why you should care

In a blog post announcing the release, Amit Shetty, senior product director, video and audio, IAB Tech Lab, said that VAST 4.1 corrected a “major gap [in VAST 4.0] that prevented it from being fully adopted – the lack of direction for how verification should work in a world where the MediaFile node has to be separated from any executable code.”

In the absence of a common in-stream advertising protocol for video players, advertisers had to create separate versions of video ads to work with multiple types of players, making it impossible to scale.

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