How to Use Social Media Listening to Identify Likely Buyers

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As social marketers, we’re always looking for new approaches to identify and reach likely buyers. Which social networks do our likely buyers use most? What kind of messaging and CTAs will resonate with them?& What do they care about, and how do your brand’s offerings fit into that equation? Here’s how using a& social media listening solution& can help.

1. Identify Where the Bulk of the Conversation Is Happening

You can use listening to identify the social networks with the highest volume of conversation around topics relevant to your brand. Which social network has the highest volume of conversation for this particular brand?

Advanced Listening, powered by Simply Measured

Let’s say that I own a lipstick brand called “Lucy’s Amazing Lipstick.” I don’t want to know& only& the conversation on social that mentions my brand specifically&-this gives me a limited view of the social media conversation about lipstick.

I want to widen my lens, and understand what the lipstick conversation looks like around people not directly tagging me or talking about my brand. This means I am looking at the conversation data around terms like “lipstick,” “smudge-free lipstick,” and “gloss,” as well as my brand name and my competitors’ brand names.

Armed with this knowledge, I

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