How To Use Instagram to Grow Your Email List

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This is a guest post from Elevation Marketing.

Getting more followers seems to be the name of the game on Instagram, but the platform is actually perfect to grow other parts of your business, too. In fact, one of the best ways to use Instagram to grow your business is to take your relationship with those followers off Instagram and into their inboxes.

Even in today’s social media-heavy landscape, email is still one of the most valuable ways to build lasting relationships with your audience. Why?

Because email gives you direct contact with potential customers. Instead of hoping they see your post while they’re aimlessly scrolling through social media, sending them an email guarantees your message will land directly in their inbox.

Add to that the fact that social platforms can close up shop at any moment (just look at what happened to Vine), and you have an incredibly strong argument for email marketing.

But let’s loop back around to Instagram.

Even if you have tons of Instagram followers, the chances are that some of them will miss your daily posts thanks to the new algorithm. If you have their email addresses, you can send important information like new products, launches, and latest posts straight to

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