How to take advantage of Facebook’s Advanced Matching Pixel

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Facebook has become a staple within marketing plans across many industries. The ability to reach their enormous user base using behavioral and demographic data allows you to expose your advertisements to an extremely targeted audience.

Yet there are even more benefits to advertising on Facebook that many brands are not taking advantage of, perhaps because of a lack of awareness or confusion about its utility. One of those features is the Advanced Matching Pixel.

What is the Facebook Advanced Matching Pixel?

Facebook has provided its Advanced Matching Pixel since 2016. It gives advertisers the ability to connect their customer data — such as email addresses, phone numbers and other demographic data — to their Facebook campaigns.

Prior to this, advertisers couldn’t track whether the audiences they advertised to on Facebook converted or not unless the conversion happened within a browser that also had the Facebook cookie present.¬†But when this launched, it allowed advertisers to connect users to conversions, even when they were using other browsers, when they’d just cleared their cookies and so on.

Additionally, the Pixel gave advertisers the ability to find and reach their own customers (those represented in their databases) with Facebook Advertising and allowed them to prospect for new customers whose

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