How to Do Competitive Research with Social Media Listening

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Social media offers brands an unprecedented level of access to information about competitors’ strategy and campaign performance.& Social media listening helps you easily mine this data,& uncovering what your target audience truly cares about and helping you gather competitive intel on how your competitors are approaching that target audience, and how those approaches are performing.

With& social media listening,& you can find both chinks in your competitors’ armor and inspiration for ways to generate conversation around your own brands, and you can snatch share-of-voice from those racing alongside you. Here’s a clear framework for beginning the competitive research process with social media listening.

Step 1: Create Your High-Level Baseline

Let’s start with a high-level baseline check. We’ll use the Oscars Best Actress category as an example throughout this post. This category includes social data from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the web around the Oscar nominees for Best Actress (including all relevant handles and keywords).

Here are the areas you’ll want to consider when doing your baseline check.

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By seeing you vs. your competitors side by side, you’ll be able to clearly define what your share of voice is in your category, and set goals to grow this share of voice (more

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