How to Create a Hashtag That Will Actually Get Used

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With so many advertisements, billboards and commercials in our face, it’s tough to find one without a hashtag. In the late ‘90s, phone numbers were slowly replaced by AOL keywords and websites. Eventually social media handles made their way onto ads.

Now businesses create a hashtag for consumers to find more information about a product or service. Whether it’s a branded term, phrase or call to action, hashtags increase social media engagement and brand awareness.

When you create a hashtag, you give users a new way to get in touch with your business on social. Or users simply engage in the conversation happening around that hashtag. This is just another way for people to engage, discuss and connect with brands on social media.

You just can’t discount the power of a good hashtag for your business.

Reasons to Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag for your business has a lot of benefits. Essentially, hashtags give you additional strength toward customer engagement. Not only that, but hashtags tend to be great marketing resources.

Certain hashtags work like call-to-action phrases where users interact with brands. By using them, you give consumers another method to remember you.

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