How to accelerate Instagram growth (without buying followers)

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In Summer 2018, Instagram finally smashed the 1 billion users milestone.

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms on the web. It’s a place where people create, share and interact with both their friends and their favorite brands. 80% of Instagrammers& follow businesses on the channel.

As with any social platform, brands that want to get the most out of Instagram need a substantial following. More followers mean more interactions, greater credibility and a stronger online presence.

The problem is, Instagram growth is more than just a numbers game.

Companies tap into the $6.48 billion worth of revenue Instagram churns out per year by making real connections with the people on their page.

Quality over quantity: Why Instagram growth must be organic

If you’ve considered buying followers to boost your IG presence, you’re not alone.

Influencers, celebs and even politicians have all experimented with buying followers in the past.

When you’re just getting started on IG, it’s hard to convince customers that you’re worth your time when you only have one or two existing fans. However, if you already have a few thousand people in your follower count, you instantly seem more credible.

Unfortunately, crowd mentality will only get you so far.

Paying for followers means that

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