How email marketing can amplify your social strategy

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It can seem like social media and email are completely separate things that have little to do with each other. They’re just different communication channels, right? Different ways to reach out to our audience.

But what if email could actually help your social media presence? What if you could strategically use email to amplify your social strategy?

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Get a viral head start from your most loyal fans

Let’s say that you share a new video on your brand’s Facebook page, Instagram account or even Youtube channel and that you are hoping to get some organic (viral) reach from it. You know that the first minutes after you post are crucial; you need to get views, likes and comments fast so that the social algorithms show you some love.

If you have a healthy email list, you can reach out to your subscribers, let them know about your new video and drive some targeted traffic to it. Your email subscribers are some of your best fans, so they are likely to check out your content quickly and interact with it.

We tend to think that email should drive traffic back to our website. While

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