Here’s what Facebook says about ads and targeting on Portal

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A Facebook Portal device site on a home countertop next to salt and pepper shakers and indoor plants.

As Facebook’s new video-calling devices — Portal and Portal+ — begin shipping Thursday, the company hasĀ issued an update for consumers detailing how it will use data collected on the device and what ads they may see there. Essentially, it amounts to a kind of “don’t worry, trust us,” explainer.

Much of it was a reiteration of what Facebook has said before — that it doesn’t capture data from Portal (it’s not listening to or recording video call content), but mentions of ads caught our attention.

Portal data used to target ads. Facebook confirmed it would process “the same kinds of information” it processes when people use Facebook products on their other devices and says it will use some of that data for ad targeting purposes.

“When you make a Portal video call, we process the same device usage information as other devices with Messenger installed,” writes Facebook on its news blog, “Some of this information may be used to target ads. For example, if you make lots of video calls, you might see some ads related to video calling.”

In other words, users who are frequently using up bandwidth for video calls on their WiFi via the Portal may end up seeing ads for

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