Get to connection faster: social customer care powered by HubSpot and Sprout

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Social media has evolved from a nascent marketing channel to an integrated part of all business functions. It’s become critical for businesses to develop a sophisticated approach for how they find, communicate with and support their customers on social.

Gone are the days when brands could broadcast discounts, deals and product information and “go dark” when a customer raised a complaint. How our questions and issues are handled by companies across social directly affects how we feel about their brand as a whole.

According to HubSpot,& “Happy customers spend more money and refer their friends and family members to companies that help them succeed—and dedicated customer service plays a critical role in customer happiness.”

HubSpot’s new& Service Hub& lives up to that philosophy,& focusing on the customer& to help bridge the gap between the sales and marketing funnels—as well as the customer journey—to create a more holistic and supportive experience for a brand’s customers.

Partnering with HubSpot for deeper—and faster—connection on social

At Sprout our focus is helping brands create real connection& with their audiences on social with a platform that encourages authentic, real engagement. Which is why we’re excited that through our new integration, users can now use both the Sprout Social and HubSpot

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