Facebook’s content review policy: How it works, the teams & tech behind the reviews & the results so far

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Last week, Facebook announced it had removed 32 Pages and accounts from its platform and Instagram for “coordinated inauthentic behavior” — a term used by Facebook to define efforts by a network of accounts aiming to spread malicious content. The bad actors behind the misinformation campaigns included eight Facebook Pages, 17 Facebook accounts and seven Instagram accounts.

“This kind of behavior is not allowed on Facebook because we don’t want people or organizations creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are, or what they’re doing,” wrote Facebook in its July 31 announcement that the accounts had been taken down.

One week later, Facebook took down four more Pages that belonged to conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones for repeatedly posting content that broke the company’s Community Standards Guidelines. (Spotify, Apple, YouTube and others have also restricted or removed Jones’ content on their platforms.)

Facebook’s decisions to take down content, and the accounts attached to it, are a direct result of the fallout after the company failed to identify a surge in misinformation campaigns plaguing the platform during the 2016 US election cycle. Since admitting it did not do enough to police malicious content and bad actors, Facebook has pledged

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