Facebook Page publishing authorization: changes you need to know

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Businesses just can’t seem to catch a break from Facebook, can they?

Kicking off 2018 with a reach-rocking algorithm shift, the social giant is now throwing some business owners for a loop with some recent changes to their Pages platform.

That said, the new Facebook Page publishing authorization is something that brands of all shapes and sizes should be aware of.

And no, Facebook is not punishing you or your Page. Quite the opposite, actually.

Even if your Page hasn’t personally been affected yet, the update sheds some light on what Facebook might have in store for businesses moving forward.

Facebook Page publishing authorization: what you need to know

Struggling to access your Page lately? Aren’t sure what these changes mean? Don’t panic.

We’ve broken down what’s fresh with Facebook page publishing and what your business needs to do to take action step-by-step.

How has Facebook Page publishing changed?

Let’s start with a big picture overview.

As of August 2018, Facebook has rolled out a new authorization process for Pages. In their own words, the end-game is more authenticity and transparency between Pages owners and their respective audiences.

Page owners must now go through a two-factor authorization process to confirm their identity. Additionally, anyone running a page must confirm their country

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