Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Service


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Studies have shown that over half of all shoppers are turning to the internet to research products or services before buying. Over 80 percent of shoppers trust the recommendations of a friend over those of an expert or the claims of a company itself. Social media has become the most common place for people to get those recommendations as well as learn about other people's interests and opinions. As a result, it's important for businesses to create and maintain an active online presence.

Types of social media marketing

Social media marketing covers a lot of ground, and each company has its own focus. In fact, most companies use more than one social media marketing service in order to get the best service or software for each task. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what you want out of social media marketing. Here are the main areas.

Social media monitoring and consolidation

The most basic of these services provide software that consolidates all your social media accounts into a single program so that you can view, post and answer from one window. It often allows scheduling of posts. In addition, most of these services provide analysis of your follower demographics, traffic sources and most popular posts. More advanced services also offer monitoring of keywords, such as your brand name, products or other important phrases. This lets you jump in on important conversations you may not have known about.


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Social media campaigns

Campaigns, whether you post them on your social media or use pay-per-click (PPC) ads, specifically inspire an action, whether that's signing up for a newsletter or making a sale. In addition to writing and scheduling posts and creating a landing page or way to connect a post to the action (such as a sale), you need a way to do A/B testing, track success of specific posts or campaigns, and make changes if a campaign is going sour. Some services only provide the software, while others take you from determining your key performance indicators to writing and monitoring the campaign for you.

Location-based marketing

This covers several angles: making sure your information is correct on business locators, designing campaigns or PPC ads that

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