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Digital Channel / Paid - 4 days ago

Winning the social media marketing game

Thousands of years ago, clans gathered around fires to share their day’s experiences and to tell stories that established group norms and shaped social organization. Today, the fire’s embers have been replaced by the glow of internet-connected devic...

Digital Channel / Paid - 1 month ago

The five facets of media

I recently overheard a conversation amongst a group of interns tasked with mapping the new media landscape: “Uber is clearly a medium, not a service!” argued one eager participant. “It’s a platform that mediates interactions between users; if Facebo...

Digital Channel / Paid - 1 month ago

Google is testing ads in its app Feed

Ad-free footprints don’t last long online. Especially if that footprint is controlled by Google. The online ad giant is now testing native ads in the Google Feed. Users began noticing them this week, Android Police first reported. Previously b...