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Digital Channel / Paid - 1 year ago

In a world of facts, ideas are king

“Can you please come watch this commercial? We’ll take out the trash.” This is how consumer research generally started when I was an account man at the nation’s most creative ad agency in the 1990s. My team and I were back at the agency the evening b...

Digital Channel / Paid - 1 year ago

Best practices for a new era of brand safety

After years of breaking news, brand safety challenges continued to steal headlines in 2018. Despite improved dialogue between brands, media owners and tech partners, it is clear that execution belies the perceived simplicity of the topic. The term “b...

Digital Channel / Paid - 1 year ago

What is attribution modeling?

Understanding the steps a customer takes before converting can be just as valuable to marketers as the sale itself. Attribution models are used to assign credit to touchpoints in the customer journey. For example, if a consumer bought an item after...