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Design and Dev / Inspiration - 2 months ago

6 Streetwear Brands You Should Be Wearing

Some fashion brands are better than others. That’s just a fact. And while you might be obsessed with Nike and Under Armour, does that mean they’re the best brands out there? No, it certainly doesn’t. And to be honest, those brands are trash compared...

Design and Dev / Inspiration - 3 months ago

The 9 Ultimate Graphic Design Trends In 2018

When it comes to design, although 2017 was a great year, we expect 2018 to be even greater. I’d rather not jump to conclusions right away but believe me; it’s going to be a wild year! And it’s going to inspire us into achieving great things as 2018 w...

Design and Dev / Inspiration - 4 months ago

20 Hipster Fonts You Can Download For Free

Hipster is one of the newest words we use in our everyday language. It means a person who knows about latest trends and uses them. In web design, however, hipster design or font means something modern but with a vintage retro vibe. These definitions...