Building Your Brand as an Advertising or Marketing Agency


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Branding your company is a vital step in starting and maintaining your business. An effective brand draws customers to a business and helps them know what to expect when they work with that company. Poor branding can have a highly negative effect on your marketing efforts.

Your company's brand has a lot to do with design elements, like a logo, name, colors, fonts and website design. A lot more goes into this than just being aesthetically pleasing. Brands should represent your company's story, culture, purpose and experiences.

If you have an advertising or marketing agency, the pressure to effectively brand your company is especially high: If you can't make a strong brand for yourself, other companies won't trust you to create one for them. This guide will help you focus on the elements of your company that should affect your branding decisions. You can use these tips to not only build your own brand, but also to build the brands of your clients.

Know who you are and what you do

When you create your brand, you should have a solid understanding of what your company feels like and what you want to achieve as a business. Your brand should tell a story to your clients, and it's important that you know what that story is when you set out to brand yourself.


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Morgan Spurlock shared some experiences he had with personal branding in his TED Talk, "Embrace Transparency," which is also referred to as "The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold." Based on his experiences, he recommends identifying the attributes that best describe your company. He separates these attributes into two categories: up attributes and down attributes. Up attributes are energetic and proactive; they might include traits like inspiring, adventurous, contemporary, playful and novel. Down attributes, which are more grounded and peaceful, could include sophisticated, familiar, reliable, contemplative and nurturing.

Start by making a list of attributes that you think best describe your company. Then, decide what two words best capture your company as a whole based on those attributes. These two words or themes will guide how you brand your company. For example, if you decide that your company is best described as "contemporary" and "playful," you might

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