Avoid Subpar SEO Results. Follow These 5 Tips to Create Successful SEO Campaigns.


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With the correct use of SEO, businesses can find they gain a great competitive edge over their rivals by being able to successfully compete for customers. However, with subpar use of SEO, many businesses can find themselves in a worse position than before, falling below their competitors in search engine rankings and, in some cases, even permanently harming their ranking.

Below are five easy tips to ensure that you can avoid poorly optimized SEO and maintain a successful SEO campaign.   

Optimize your images

When it comes to maintaining the interest of visitors to your site and having a successful SEO strategy, image optimization is crucial to success. Visitors enjoy content that uses visuals that enhance the website itself. According to SEO Shark, companies that use visually significant content are rewarded with more click traffic, increased likes and shares.

However, the issue with using visuals in content is that search engines, such as Google, don't see the images with their algorithms or methods. From the search engine's perspective, images come up blank. Instead, search engines rely on captions, or attached text to the images, to understand what the image is and its relationship to your content. If successful, the search engine will identify the relationship and reward you.

It is recommended that you design a relevant file name for each image on your webpage, a description of the image, image title, and a caption that is attached. Satisfying each of these steps should effectively optimize your images for search engines. It is important to note that if you do include visual content, ensure that the visuals are optimized and compressed so they do not negatively impact the loading speeds of your website's pages.

Don't be fooled by the number of followers

There is a common belief that a high number of followers in social media boosts your SEO. However, this could not be more wrong. The amount of followers you have has no effect whatsoever on the success of your SEO. Rather, what will have a significant impact on your SEO is how engaged your company is with your followers.

If your followers are proactive, interested in your content and sharing it with people they know, it will increase brand awareness and the website authority you have on a search engine. This awareness and authority can also lead to more traffic for your content. These effects are examples of social activity, which is what search engines like Google

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