Affiliate Summit Webinar Series: The APAC Opportunity

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If you're sorting out how to connect with customers in APAC, the Affiliate Summit Webinar: The APAC Opportunity can help you along.Affiliate Summit Webinar Series_ The APAC Opportunity

The webinar, which will be presented by Ayush Goyal, Regional Director SEA, Optimise Media will cover:

  • Getting the fundamentals right – tracking, payments, currencies, language, time zone localization, local publisher reach, local account management
  • Universal tracking – how to overcome the most common tracking issues and track performance campaigns the smart way
  • Examples of advertisers who have successfully scaled cross-border campaigns in APAC
  • Performance analytics – how a data-driven approach can help achieve your business goals
  • Performance advertising – examples of how we’ve driven success for clients e.g. increasing reach, volume & value of sales etc.
  • Intro to Optimise Media – reach, expertise & core product range – Universal Tracking, supported Performance Analytics and delivery of Performance Analytics

There are two available time slots for this webinar:

  1. Wed, Jul 25, 2018:  6:00 AM – 7:00 AM EDT

Everyone who registers for this webinar series will get access to the recording, so if you're not an early-bird (like me) simply sign up for the webinar and watch it later.  That's what I'll be doing </p></ol></li></li></li></li></ol></p></p></ul></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></ul></p></a></a></p></p></a></img></a></a></a></p></div>

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