8 Competitive Benchmark Tactics to Measure Your Brand

Content Marketing

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Quick question: how does your brand’s social presence stack up against your competition?

Because if you’re looking at little more than followers and Likes as a measuring stick, you might be in the dark.

The reality? While these surface-level metrics can be valuable, they don’t tell the full story of your social presence.

Think about it. Comparing the Instagram activity of a small, local retailer to the likes of H&M or Old Navy would be apples and oranges.

And so if you want to accurately measure your brand via social, you need to measure yourself against metrics that makes sense.

That’s where your competitive benchmark strategy comes in.

By conducting a competitive benchmark analysis, you can better understand your own strengths& and how to stand apart from the crowd.

And hey, that’s exactly why we’ve outlined eight benchmarks to keep an eye on. The more you dig into these data points, the more actionable insights you have toward beefing up your social presence.

1. Content Performance

First thing’s first: marketers should have a strong pulse on what’s considered top-performing content in their space.

When you have a post that explodes in “Likes” and shares, it’s a clear signal that you’re doing something right in the eyes of your audience.

And similarly,

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