6 dimensions of online reputation that should guide your social media marketing

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When a brand post comes up in one of your social feeds, what’s the first thing you notice? It’s probably the image or video, but where do your eyes go next? If you’re like me, I’m betting it’s to the name of the company sponsoring the post. In fact, that’s often the first thing I look at.

Why? My guess would be that we automatically put brand posts through a tougher vetting process than we do posts from our friends. We are more resistant because we know these posts have a specific ultimate motivation: to part us from some of our hard-earned money. So we take note of the company name to help us decide whether we are going to give this content any of our valuable time.

The main point we’re most likely evaluating when we note the brand name behind a post is our perception of that brand’s reputation. Is this a brand we trust? Have they proven to provide accurate, useful information? Are their claims credible? Are they worth even a few seconds of my time?

Social media’s role in brand reputation

Since for many consumers, social media is one of the primary means by which they encounter brands and their

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