4 Fresh Ways to Think About Targeting on Social

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One of our most popular Data & Drinks events brought together a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries—eCommerce, SaaS, and emerging tech—to teach attendees fresh ways of thinking about engaging and targeting audiences on social.

Social Media Experts

The experts opened the night by explaining what their main focuses are.& Katrina Mentor,& Program Specialist at REI,& manages REI’s Local social program, marketing REI events, classes, and experiences.& Shaun Kehrberg, Director of Product Marketing at Marchex, uses social targeting to launch and manage B2B products.& Erica Laxson, Social Media Manager at Microsoft Research,& uses social to promote all innovative products coming out of Microsoft, from artificial intelligence to gaming platforms to virtual reality, as well as for recruitment and educational purposes.

Here are four new ways we’re thinking about targeting on social after listening to these all-stars break it down.

1. Customer Data& ≠ Acquisition Data

One of the freshest perspectives of the evening was Katrina’s differentiation between customer marketing and acquisition marketing:

There’s a lot of great work on our marketing analytics team to develop what we call clusters. It’s a lot of customer data, which is great, but when you look at customer acquisition, this data falls short.& & So we [on

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