3 Ways Personalized Email Marketing Can Increase Content Engagement

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Marketers have set a new goal. Creating quality content on a consistent basis is no longer good enough. Now, the focus is on more engaging content. Seventy-three percent of marketers say creating engaging content is their top priority.

More marketers are using email as a vehicle to drive subscribers to content—and it’s working. Marketers, especially those in the media and publishing world, use their contact list to send hyper-targeted messages to their subscribers. It takes some work, but with the help of email campaign automation, marketers can send personalized emails that result in elevated content engagement metrics.

Why personalization matters

Consumers expect relevant content. The avid outdoorsman with a love of winter camping expects to see specific sleeping bag recommendations for cold climates, how-to articles on setting up a fire when the ground is wet, and video reviews of fan-favorite tents.

Research shows 67% of customers expect this kind of high-level personalization from a brand, and when a brand doesn’t deliver, 42% of consumers get annoyed and 66% of consumers stop buying from the brand. In a nutshell, if you’re not delivering relevant content, you’re losing money.

How to send personalized emails to drive content engagement

Personalized content is important. Message received. But, how specifically are

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