15 Pinterest Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

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For its dedicated users, Pinterest acts as a place to research, learn and shop. They’re more likely to spend more after seeing a promotion and they plan twice as early than people using different platforms.

The user base may not be as large as Facebook but the platform acts more like a discovery and save tool than a social interaction network. This niche market makes it a dream for marketers to target at different points of the buying process.

Strong imagery goes a long way for Pins. Its cascading feed heavily favors Pins that are at an image aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5. For businesses, optimizing your website and existing Pins for search are the first steps in Pinterest marketing.

But what else should you know? We’ll share 15 statistics that will help hone your marketing efforts.

1. 40% of Pinners Have a Household Income of $100k+

That’s a lot of buying power. While 40% of Pinners have a household income of $100k+, 50% make $50k+. Pinners are ready to spend and willing to spend more than their non-Pinning counterparts. We’ll go more into that statistic later on.

2. 29% of US Adults Use Pinterest

Of the other social networks, it’s fourth in popularity, behind YouTube,

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